Tenant Tips

Our Keys To Success


Retain a Qualified Tenant Representative

When you retain Berry & Doyle, LLC as your Exclusive Tenant Representative we act as your advocate in the leasing process and solely represent your interests. We also serve as the overall coordinator of the entire leasing process. We will provide you with the names of a number of highly qualified individuals such as architects, space planners, contractors, etc. that you will need on the leasing team to effect an orderly, efficient process


Use Time to Your Advantage

You should begin the leasing process 6 months – 12 months before you plan on opening the premises for business. If the potential Landlord believes that you are not under any time deadlines and that you have sufficient time to investigate all available options, the Landlord will likely be more aggressive in offering more attractive lease rates, terms and lease concessions.


Understand the Leasing Process

When you retain Berry & Doyle, LLC as your Exclusive Tenant Representative, we will provide you with a description of the leasing process and a realistic timeline based upon your proposed use of the premises. Please see the “tenant rep services” page of the website for a description of the typical steps in the leasing process and a typical leasing timeline.


Lease the Correct Size Space

It is crucially important that you lease premises large enough to operate your business successfully and profitably. It is equally important that you not lease premises that are too large so that you are not paying for unused space. As as have completed hundreds of lease transactions, Berry & Doyle, LLC will properly advise you to insure that your space needs are realistically assessed and quantified.


Know Lease Document Basics

Berry & Doyle, LLC will familiarize you with the terms of a typical Lease document at the beginning of the leasing process. The better you understand the Lease document, the better you will understand your rights, obligations and personal liability under a Lease. After the Lease has been executed by the Tenant and Landlord, we will provide you with a Lease Abstract which will set out the basic business terms of the Lease, your monetary obligations, critical Lease Dates and renewal options. The Lease Abstract will assist you in complying with the terms and conditions of the Lease and help you avoid a potential Lease default.


Hire a Qualified Real Estate Attorney

We advise all of our clients to retain competent legal counsel to review/negotiate the proposed Lease document so that our client’s legal interests are protected. Commercial real estate is a highly specialized segment of the legal field and we suggest that our clients retain counsel that specializes in transactional real estate documents. Lease documents are typically furnished by the Landlord and are, by design, drafted to benefit the Landlord. Competent legal counsel will be able to negotiate/amend the proposed Lease document so that it is more “neutral” or more beneficial to the client.